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Online Ordering Software

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Online Ordering Software
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Online Ordering Software

eWeb Takeaway Software is a software provider based in the UK. They offer a best quality customer service. eWeb Takeaway Software has enables takeaway owners to take orders with ease and speed.
Online Ordering Website
We will create a online ordering takeaway website that is unique to your takeaway. This will help your customers to view your entire menu and order it online. New and old customers will also be able to find your takeaway on popular search engines like Google & yahoo. We do not charge any commission for any online orders our mission is to provide you quality service on best possible price.



In which customers just have to follow three steps to order his/her takewaye

And here is the demo example of your takeaway just click link

The live support help your customers to contact online support team directly and we will deal with any technical issues concerning the website or any problems with payment. The live support operates when you need it the most.

The Live Support feature comes in handy for every visitor that experiences technical issues on your online ordering website. The feature does not cover issues regarding  your menus, prices and other features on the site as this is your domain only and we cannot provide pertinent information about your company we just deal with technical issues which is related to your website which we made for you.

coupon codes will provide your takeaway to send special offers to customers, for example 5% off all orders. This will helps your takeaway to increase your orders.

Do you want to impress your customers? Do you want your new customers to become regular ones? Of course you do! This is the main target for every owner. But how can you achieve these goals?

Our software allows you to pay attention to your customers and to reward them for their loyalty with the help of the Coupons feature. Every customer will be happy to get any kind of discount on their order. Whether he or she is a new customer or a regualar customer, your gesture will surely not pass unnoticed.

Take card transactions online. Major credit/debit cards are accepted such as MasterCard and Visa.

Now people don't have much time to go and buy somthing on credit so they always find easy way and online card payment make it easy. Being able to pay using your credit card is sometimes a decisive option in choosing to become a regular client for a certain fast-food company. Since customers are allowed to place their orders online via your ordering site, the Credit Card Facility is included in your ordering system to make it easy.

Whenever placing an online order, your customers will be given the opportunity to pay their order using their credit cards. The software allows them to pay with both credit and debit cards and accepts both MasterCard and Visa and also have paypal option if your company is accept it.


When customer add postal code in search box, then system will automaically show all the matching address related to that postal code this feature will save your  time and money.

The Postcode Lookup feature comes in very handy when you want to save some time. As the name suggests, the option searches for a customer’s address based on their postcode.